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Collecting DNA efficiently


Is there a better way to collect dna than watching videos for 10 a piece? I don’t mind watching the adds but it does get tedious when you’re trying for a dino that cost thousands. Plus about every 4th one crashes the game on my phone.


The best way to get DNA, like any other resource, is to play the game. PvP, events, missions, daily missions and trades. Boss battles are also great. Keep an eye for those.


Also, as a VIP player you get to collect DNA every 12 hours.

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The only thing I would add to what folks above have already stated is the trade harbor, you need to keep an eye on this throughout the day. And yes the best way to gather DNA in large quantities are the world boss battles as there is up to 20,770 DNA available during these events.


Thanks everyone. What prompted the question was the other day all the adds changed and were worth 50 dna a piece. I had just gone up a park level and thought maybe I crossed some line and the game adjusted to take into account the high dna costs that come at higher levels. But soon it went back to the same adds it always was for 10 dna.

A couple side observations. The 50’s never crashed the game once unlike the 10’s which do so constantly. Also these weren’t adds for other game apps but like normal company adds. (Odd isn’t it that what are essentially competitor’s adds crash this game - where’s my tin foil hat.)


These two combined aren’t bad.
32 million coins for 5 million food and 5000 dna…

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I had one the other day that was 32mil coin for 4,700 ish DNA, in my head I was thinking if only I could get 3-4 of these offers a day, I would be set.