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Collection completed again for patch-note: 1.9.xx


Is this good or bad?

Holy moly. Do you live in a park?


Good for now I believe as I am collector type of player :slight_smile:

I spent most of my free time (and even some job time inside parks) … some days no Carbo and some days 3+ of them in a day.

have not seen it .And a month has passed.
I’m pretty positive that next weekend the green supply drops would not have Carbonemys for me LOL

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The turtle’s 2 hybrids is all I’m missing. I haven’t seen one in the wild but I have mine to 15 because the sanctuary. I’m using all my stuff on it.

That’s the way unless spend hours and hours in parks like me … Though I am worried that now winter is coming, thus won’t be able to get much time to go to park and find/dart “day” spawn dinos