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Collection duplicates

Hi, just wanted to ask if it’s normal to have duplicates in collections. I have finally finished the one for the Brute Heartwarmer (wasn’t in a rush as I already have him), to go back to the collections and discover another Brute Heartwarmer in its place. I’ve never experienced this, I’ve always had a different dragon to do a collection for. I don’t have all the Brute dragons so it can’t be because of that.

Is this normal?

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AFAIK, yes… I think I have gotten the same dragon twice in a row. I have definitely gotten dragons I already have.

I really wish Ludia would implement a mechanism to skip a collection for a dragon you already have… it’s really annoying to have to complete a collection for a dragon you probably won’t keep in the hope that the next one will be one you don’t already have.

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Hey there Tracey,
Our team is aware that this has been occurring and they are looking into ways to make collections more dynamic and therefore more enjoyable for players! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your continuous engagement with Rise Of Berk :slight_smile:


I had the same problem with Brute Boneknapper, I collected a second one but now there is a third one in my collections waiting to be done. Very annoying.

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Yeah i get a lot of duplicates