Collection is bugged

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Bug Description:
My Collection is showing 16 notifications, and i have dinos rewarded from the battle area - when i enter my Collection it does not show the new dinos.

Area is was found in:
Main screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - enter game
Step 2 - see notification at Collection
Step 3 - enter Collection
Step 4 - notice NO new dinos.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:
When i enter the game, event after i terminate the process and Restart it.

What type of device are you using:
One plus with android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)Screenshot_20201225-170645_debb3a6effb94fb48ccd6f8645f0052d Screenshot_20201225-170659_debb3a6effb94fb48ccd6f8645f0052d

scroll down

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Haha i ve tried that.
But apparently you need to be very precise

Ty so much