Collection no longer displays creature levels (screenshot added)

Yeah, I’m not sure why, but the collection (and team) no longer shows levels which isn’t ideal, and not listed in the patch notes as far as I’m aware. Android user.

I see levels.

I don’t. I’ll upload a screenshot in just a moment.

Hey Delta, could you please try relaunching your game and see if the levels reappear?

Gave it a couple of relaunches, and it seems to have returned to normal, levels are showing again. Thanks!

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Thanks for the update, Delta! I’m glad to hear that the levels are showing correctly again. :smiley:

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Mine did it too @ned Happened right around when I placed a dino in a sanc. Will take note next time if this is what causes it.

Yup. @Ned the bug occurs when you place a creature into a sanctuary and then go back into your dinodex and it looks like the above screen shot.

Thanks, Somedinoguy! I’ll report your findings to our team. :male_detective:

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This has been in the game for a while now

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