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Collection of bugs experienced this week


Collection of randomly happening bugs

ONCE - Did not get win trophies after a match

ONCE - Did not get battle defeats for daily battle incubator counter in a separate match

ONCE - I (2300) got matched up against a 2700 trophy enemy from a different arena

SOMETIMES - I’m a Passenger warning gets stuck on display and I cant dismiss it, I have to restart game

OFTEN - Suchotator’s -90% priority distraction just does not do anything, the visual effects shows, but I receive full damage; this happens like every 5th time I use it

OFTEN - Alliance chat messages do not get sent

VERY OFTEN - the “faster dino” speed indicator gets invisible or shows on the wrong side deceiving the players

EVERY TIME - I invite my friend to play the loading screen stays over the game and I can not see what is happening, have to restart the game while 2-3 rounds go by; but this does not happen if they invite me to the game!

EVERY TIME - After a friendly challange they go offline on my list and I go offline on their list, we can not play again untill we both restart the game

BONUS BUG - When I joined my first alliance I could not upgrade not claim the alliance challange rewards, the countdown showed 0 day 0 hour left and I had to delete app cache and data, then reinstall the whole application to fix this for myself

? - I do not know if it is a bug or not, but i have an average of lvl 14 dinos and statisticly 7/10 matches I have to play against all 4-6 level higher dinos, sometimes legendarys or hybrids. This makes the game very frustrating, I suggest add an army level average comparation layer to the trophy matchmaking to grant enjoyable and FAIR GAMES.

DEVICE - I use LG G7 ThinQ with android 8.0.0 with lot of free internal memory space and when I play I only run the game and maybe Messenger.

ARENA - My arena is Badlands currently but I have experienced many of these earlier too.

Sorry if I mentioned bugs already known, but after experiencing these every day almost every game, the gameplay gets really unfair, unenjoyable and frustrating.

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I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing these problems @holyburger. Our team is aware of some of the issues listed, and they’re actively looking into them. If you didn’t get any trophies after a match, it’s possible that you might have been matched up with an AI, as winning or losing a battle with an AI will not result in Trophy gain or loss.
It is also possible to get matched up with other players with a different amount of Trophies than you as well, the difference will depend on which Arena you are in. There is some more information on our thread here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking Tweaks (09/28)
As for Suchutator’s Instant Distraction ability, if your opponent had used an ability with “cleansing” such as Superiority Strike or if they have a dino with immunity, Instant Distraction will not affect them.

Regarding your other issues, could you try some of the troubleshooting on our FAQ here and see if there are any improvements:

Please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key as well if you’re still having any other trouble. Thanks!


Hey @Ned as you can see the speed indicator is wrong. I just created magna so I’m not familiar with it’s stats, so I really trusted the indicator but ofc, it failed me and Indo killed my magna.
This usually happens when to creatures of the same speed, and the indicator goes to the one with lower level


Thanks for letting us know @Wilshire1966. This is an issue our team is aware of, and they’re still looking into it. I understand it can be frustrating when the speed indicator is displayed incorrectly as I’ve had fallen victim to it as well. Even when I’m familiar with the speed for most of the dinos, sometimes I have to tap on the opposing dino to double check if I’m really not sure.

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Dear @Ned thank you for your reply. The suchotator bug appears even when the enemy did not use cleanse, -90% distraction just simply does not take effect, or wrongfully calculated. After reporting it I was looking into it even more and it happened to me again and again, but strangely sometimes they did like 60% damage, like it was wrongly calculated.

One other thing I would like to ask, this game was really enjoyable untill I got into Badlands area. I want to know info about how matchmaking works. Now I have dinos average level 14 and enemys come against me usually player level 4 higher and legendary, epic dinos and 5-7 level higher average. I lose like 8 matches in a row like this then get very easy or my level matched and win 8 in a row and it starts again with impossible matched. It just ruins my game and I dont even enjoy it anymore.

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Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this if you email them here at with more details of your battles. As for the matchmaking process, your opponents are usually selected based on their trophy count, so it is possible to get matched up with another player with higher level dinos if they have a similar trophy number as you. I hope that cleared things up a bit.