Collection page stalls

Does anyone else experience a massive delay when they click on a creature in their collection to get to the Evolve/fuse screen?
I’m running an Samsung S22 ultra with very fast cable broadband but I still experience a stall out between loads.

I have exactly the same issue with a Samsung s21 ultra.

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Same with Xiaomi Mi 11i

Same with every phone I’ve owned every time there’s been an update. It seems like the code reverts to a more non-efficient version each update and then someone has to go back in a patch the “efficient” version.

So many of these issues lead me to believe they don’t version their releases, or if they do, not very well.

Oh it’s just the whole of the game. This has been happening to me for a very long time, and hasn’t gotten fixed, but instead they made the rest of the game (but the shop) glitched to go with it.