Hi, I got a collection and pressed collect and don’t know where it’s gone I am new to this game so if anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful! Thanks, Nat x

What do you mean by a ‘collection’? Not aware of anything in Titans that I would call a collection…

It depends on what it was: eggs, coin, fish, runes, more roster space, more energy.

Scales you can’t really see. Until you start leveling your Dragons.

Eggs, coins, fish, runes: are at the top.
Energy would be at the bottom, and more roster space would be with your Dragons.

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Do you mean in the Book of Dragons, where it shows which dragons you’ve collected?

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No, in where you level up your Dragons. You can select a dragon you want to lvl and it show you what is needed to gain the next star.

Uh, were you responding to me @KyriaDrakkina? I was responding to the initial post as you were prior

My bad. But it still clarifies how to check your scales.