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Collector Statue Glitch

I’ve reported this as a bug, but I’m wondering if it is a common, if weird issue for others.
When you have a quest for collecting with a specific dragon type, the collector statue works unpredictably. For some quests, once you start collecting with the specific dragon, all resources of the right type collected by the statue add to the quest total, making the quest complete in no time at all. For other quests, no resources collected by the Statue are added to the quest total, not even those collected by the specific dragon. I just completed the fish half (900 million!) of the “Learning Curve” quest with Night Terrors in about one day, while a previous quest was stalled because i kept forgetting to collect from the quest dragon before collecting via the statue. I found one post on this issue, but there were no responses and it is now stale. The poster noticed only the ‘no quest progress’ side of the issue.

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