Collector statue — information and complaints

So… I broke down and bought the Collector Statue yesterday. I hadn’t earlier because I had severe misgivings on how it would work, and unfortunately there is no detailed information available on it.

I thought I’d fix that. (Spoiler: it’s better than I was worried it would be.)

So… how does it work? Well, you get two buttons, one for wood, and one for fish, and it tells you how much you’d be collecting. If you’d be collecting more that your storage capacity, you can see that, and if you’re full on fish but need wood, you can collect just wood. This gives you an opportunity to go spend some resources first, even collecting from individual dragons first necessary (e.g. because you have more to be collected than total storage).

I do have two gripes, however.

First, it’s silent! Calling back single dragons makes a nice horn noise, the giant horn should do likewise! Even just reusing the same sound would be an improvement, though best would be a deeper call (maybe even just play the existing sound at slower speed?).

Second, collecting sometimes shows the “storage full” message erroneously.


Thank you for this information. I believe it is expensive compared to what it offers, but just my opinion. I keep switching the dragons from collecting wood or fish because there is always some in “training”’mode. Surely I would have to look at this before sending all of them back to collect the items.
This helps a lot!

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