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Collector statue

Is it worth it to spend 8,500 runes on this statue? Trying to understand what benefit will bring to the game? More stuff collected? I was thinking at first that it would give you all the bags 1 dragon was searching for, no matter if you select the free one only. Now I’m not sure how it works

Read Collector statue — information and complaints. Whether it’s worth it or not is a matter of taste. Mostly it’s a major time saver, since it doesn’t do anything you can’t do “the hard way”. That said, the difference between a couple taps to retask all your dragons vs. having to do them one at a time means I do it more often, and I think that does result in a little more wood/fish just because my dragons are idle less.

It has nothing to do with exploration bags / collections.

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Ainda bem que nao comprei. Pensava a mesma coisa que voce. Nao vale a pena mesmo. A descrição no jogo nao deixa claro o que realmente faz essa estatua.

Poderia ser mais claro na descrição da estatua para nao deixar essa duvida.

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I’m glad I didn’t buy it. I thought the same thing as you. It really isn’t worth it. The description in the game does not make it clear what this statue really does.

It could be more clear in the description of the statue to not leave this doubt.

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I’m glad I did not buy it. Is not worth the 8,500 runes it takes me so long to collect. I prefer spending them in new islands and expanding the academies and the hangar