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Collector's goals

I now have every creature released before 1.5 after I created Diloracheirus today (thank you sanctuaries!).


Congratulations, @IFK8! I’m still trying to create some of the creatures from your Not Collected list. :weary: My Diloracheirus will finally level up as well from the featured dilo this week.

I make sure to collect the prehistorical animals. Hybrids don’t interest me outside of the two and a half canon ones. My current goal is to get them all up to 20th and just play those.

My white whale.
Even with sanctuaries it’s gonna take a minute.


Only one to go.

I’m still a long way off, but I’ll get there eventually. I took some time off shortly after alliances were announced to roughly around 1.7. Wish I didn’t.

I remember when I had this lol. Never knew I would be 6 dinos away from the whole set.