Color Customization


Will we ever be able to customize our dragons color? Or revert them back to their original form when the year reach titan-wing?
Kind of like the way you can make toothless revert from titan to original.
But I think color customizing would be really cool for our dragons. Premium and Exclusives shouldn’t be customizable, but searchable ones should be.


Unfortunately, we have no plans on allowing Dragon customization.


Oh darn :frowning: Hopefully in the future we can get it, i think itd be really cool.


It would make sense at the birth, like in other dragon trainer based games
But a reversion from titanwing back to normal…why?


But a reversion from titanwing back to normal…why?

Titan colors tend to look like “what you’d see if you were on acid”, while the regular colors tend to be more natural. Many dragons looked better pre-titan.

(If the titan colors were e.g. special markings or warpaint, but still looked natural, this would probably be less of an issue.)