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Color Variation

So I wanted to suggest and ask everyone’s opinion on the matter of color variations. Where ludia could come out with different variations of skins for each dino you can earn like how they have it in Jurassic World Evolution. The skins can be something you can have a chance of grabbing in incubators, which gives each dino an opportunity to be different and just show off in its own way. I feel like it would be something fun to see many varieties of color skins across peoples dinos


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The example of your picture is cool, but you could say that’s a T-rex and a T-rex gen 2.
As long as it looks realistic I’m up for it, but when I start seeing pink Thors I’m out.


It has been mentioned on a few occasions that future micro-transactions could include new skins for dinosaurs. I think it would be a nice idea.

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