Colour changed

Did anybody have a colour change for all the dinos in battle? Now they are all a bit darker than before

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Yeah, noticed that too, their whole texture is off, they don’t even look real anymore… it’s like they degraded the graphics or something

I miss the white IndoG2, looked so shiny… And it also showed the Blue aspect better.

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So it’s not just me. I do like the color shift though on creatures like erlidom and magna. Really wished spyx changed too

The only one I’ve noticed is Indominus, who now seems to have an orange tongue/mouth rather than the old red.

While some creatures dont look so good, irritator gen 2 got a color upgrade, it looks more real now

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Indom looks like it drank some Koolaid


There’s my Koolaid drinker

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Does anyone got screenshots before and after of the same dino?

It feels like a bug, because it’s the light pattern from Nublar coast, but I have it in Depot

That’s what i mean: probably only in gyro depot. They are normal during strikes: