Combat bug


Battle just completed vs username Fano.

We’re in Jurassic Ruins. 2-2 is the current score. I field my Stegoceratops vs his almost destroyed Utasinoraptor. I select “thangomizer” as my attack. The app moves to “you’ve been defeated”.



Additional bug:

I exit from the battle with Fano, and I see that I defeated the daily 10 creatures, so, I go tap on the reward to gain the large incubator. The app freezes: can’t collect the reward, can’t move away from the screen, nothing. I shut down the app & restart, and suddently I’m prompted again to a battle screen with Fano, now with a different dinosaur (???), I score another defeat (???) and when returned to the Jurassic Ruins main screen I see that the large incubator cannot be collected, and that in 21 hours (so, 5 minutes = 3 hours???) I can attempt again defeating 10 creatures to learn an additional incubator.

This thing is getting ridiculous. Can someone mail me back the trophies lost and more importantly the free incubator I didn’t get?


Hey Eithel_Anduin, I’m sorry to hear that happened and I understand it can be really frustrating. When an issue like this occurs, force closing and relaunching the game immediately should put you back into the match you were initially in. Trying the troubleshooting steps on this thread here could also help in preventing this issue as well: Lost a battle I was winning
If you are having a problem with the rewards from the Daily Battle Incubator, contact our team at with your support key so they can investigate further.