Combat Focus: Offense bugged?

There is a quest called Combat Focus: Offense where I have to use 90 offensive abilities to weaken enemies. I use -ATK and -AC moves to damper those and it isn’t counting. I also use spell abilties … maybe I’m missing something?

Pretty sure its bugged. I’ve been stuck at 98 of 105 for two days now. Keep using the same skills with no progress.

Having the same problem. It’s the second time I’ve gotten this quest, but the first time I seemed to get more than I expected per challenge run. This time I’m getting a lot fewer.

I’ve got characters who can do AC-, Stun, Injure, Can’t Attack, and Can’t Move. I might try to enable lower level gear to get other abilities like DMG-, ATK-, and any other abilities that might qualify. I’ll also have to remember to track the exact number of effects I get in a run and the the total I get for the quest to see if I can nail down exactly which effects qualify. Unless, of course, a nice dev or support person comes on and says which effects we can use for the quest, he said with naked self-Interest…:slight_smile:

Stay tuned.

Hey everyone, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this to see what the issue might be. Thanks!

@ned would it be possible to see a list of what should trigger these quests? the offense and defense related quests. I find that some powers I think should count down and vise-versa. If we knew what should count it would be easier for us to confirm it’s working. I’ve also had trouble in the past with this one not counting. I almost always get rid of it now.

Hey Froman, we can confirm that it’s a bug. :slight_smile: Our team would like to gather some more info as well, so if you could write in to them, it’d be really helpful.


I don’t have any concrete info other than sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and I throw the quest away when I get it :rofl:

For reference, I just tracked effects on a run in Sharpstone Keep. Started with 28 on the quest counter.

AC-: 5 (2 on kill)
ATK-: 3
INJURE: 4 (3 on kill)

The “on kill” note means I got the effect on a lethal hit, killing the enemy. I wanted to see if maybe killing an enemy made the effect not count for the quest.

Afterwards, I had 29 on the quest counter. Only way I can figure that worked was if the only effect that counted was the one non-lethal Injure hit. But this seems to confirm the support team statement that it’s a bug.

I’ll be emailing my support key and details shortly.

Yup. I’m having the same issue. Very frustrating. Not sure what a “support key” is, tho?

Same for me as well moving very slowly on it. Fatal skills don’t seem to count, also the oozes that regenerate every turn don’t seem to cause the proc to happen either.

I would hazard that your code may be looking at the beginning of the monsters turn and if they regen or are dead then it doesn’t count

Try using only melee or only ranged. I had one that required 250, and ONLY melee attacks would work.

For me, healing and regeneration have counted toward this quest reliably. It works every time I heal. I am farming Sharpstone and I can get 3 heals every time I farm. Nothing else on my current team counts for this quest. I did one run for each ability and none of them counted except healing.

Healing/Regeneration/AC+ works with defensive abilities to aid allies quests. I routinely spam heals with the Cleric even if not needed to get procs.