Combat incubator (events)

Why not put big rewards on the big combat incubator but with dinosaurs lower than at least everyone can beat them … Only the big players can keep playing and raise their level etc …

If you mean strike events, yes some epic strike events are only offered to high level players.
Other players will be a little bit far from gain those rewards.
(ex: I-raptor + Alankylosaurus duo)

But some of them actually just need some strategy, for example, the Rajakylosaurus event.

yes I agree I’m not against the strategy but at least decrease their levels

The Rajakylo event was for everyone to beat, even though it was a level 30. Pocemon talked about how you could beat it with all level 1 dinos on your team in one of his recent videos.


I also speak of other incubator by necessarily one

There’s plenty of low level strike events. I start falling asleep doing some of them at night because they’re so easy and boring. But I also want the coins, so I suffer through it.


yes me too … he should put better rewards for those too …

Every time an Advanced, Expert or Master strike event comes out… :expressionless: I’ll say it again…

You see… the big rewards are something to work towards…

For all my criticism towards them in other areas, Ludia has the the weekly events right.

We are/were all lower-level once. The weekly event strike towers offer something for everyone.

When I first started playing (day 1) we didn’t have treasure chests, or any strike events. We had to build up our teams through real money and grafting. We had to spend our DNA on creatures which got nerfed. We put the time and money into the game which means these extras are now available to you!

We have all been there now. Struggling with some events… even now I failed last week’s Master tower twice before I eventually beat it.

I, as TheMaxx find all but the hardest ones incredibly tedious… nevertheless I do them for the coins.

Please understand you need to work at this game. It wouldn’t be fair for Luida to make all events achievable to all and give “big rewards”. Big rewards need to be earned!!

These strike events (which, again, were not always available) offer a fair reward for a fair level of difficulty, achievable for a lot of players.

You will get there. Until then, let everyone enjoy the game at whatever level they are at and if that is higher than you are currently able to achieve then keep going! You will get there, and in 2 months time you too will be thankful that there are strike events available to you that you can do because you have worked towards it, and get the rewards accordingly.

Rewards are not handed out on a plate and that is fair. I thank Luida for this.


I started the game as soon as it was released I knew how to evolve like most players here it is sure that the events help a lot for some people in any case I do not say that you Ludia do things wrong even if it gives the impression i’m just saying that the levels of some incubator could be at least decrease to the limit in doing two would be okay lol this game is very beautiful very well work everyone play as he wants, i just need to write it it’s all after every player doing what he’s doing in this post I do not impose anything nobody

But you are saying that battle events should be lower level dinosaurs so everyone can beat them? :roll_eyes:

The levels of some battle events (many) - I would argue too many, but that would go against my point - are already decreased… so… that being your point surely this is topic closed.

Not everyone haha i messed up big time its laughable i wasn’t even mad

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yes it would not hurt that some incubator be decreased not all the time but at least leave a chance in the week to kind players a day in the week or a big one incubator but with dinosaurs easy to beat a for all I know that Ludia will never do it I do not expect it but I would find it at least not bad just once to have one. One day

It happens. I didn’t even think about the Damage Over Time strategy until i saw Pocemon’s video. I ended up just smashing through it with my T-rex though anyway because it’s high enough level to get it done. My girlfriend used the damage over time strategy and still needed 3 dinos to finish it, so it was definitely a tough event. The counter attacks were brutal.

I agree with You. I think is useless to put 3 Dino to defeat at level 30 (like an event last week with gorgosuchus, indoraptor, indominus that for me was impossible)…only players with lvl 30 dinos Will manage to defeat Them resulting in DNA that they even do not Need cause their dinos are already capped at their max level…today i tried the third and last combat of the srike event with monolophosaurus, dilophosaurus, proceratosaurus all above lvl 20…i tried It three times wasting 700 money for the retry but i didn’t win…i Am really disappointed cause i gained 0 DNA and 0 gold at the price of 700 money … Please fix this It is really frustrating …reduce the cost of the retry or reduce the level of the dinos to defeat

@GANASSA I soloed that strike with my 26lvl stegodeus. No need for full team of 30 lvl dinosaurs. I would’ve been able to complete it with my other dinos as well. And even though propably 1-2 might have died I still wouldn’t call it tough strike as it would have been under control all the time.

Good for You. For me and other people with dinos lvl 15-18 is unwinnable…the indoraptor alone at lvl 30 kills 3 dinos and is still alive

Some strikes arent meant for everybody to complete. But so far there havent been any strike where you would need 30lvl dinosaurs.

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Ok but i still think that the cost of the retry a: 200 then 500 then 1000 money with the chance of getting nothing is still too High…i mean i Am a free player…700 money wasted is pretty annoying

If there is possibility that you can complete it then 200 is definitely worth it. After 2 tries and still not able to complete it might be better to save 500 hard cash and use it maybe for one time offers when rising in arenas.