Combat incubator (events)

Personally, I enjoy the challenge. I test out new dinosaurs or dinosaurs I don’t use often on those challenges. I know I’m probably going to lose anyway, so I look at it as a way to get to know my team better as a whole.

Great post OP.

And to those looking for a stepped down version of this strike you can find them all week, they are blue.

I defeated the gold strike with my level 17 Stegodeus, 18 Indominus, 15 Suchotator and 17 Postimetrodon. It was kinda challenging at first but after paying 200 for a retry I defeated it. Used Stegod and Indom to defeat Dilo and Proto (the other rare) then used Sucho to bleed Mono then stalled it down until sucho was about to die, switched to posti tanked a hit Mono bled to death.

If they are going to be putting legendary’s and Unique’s in these strike towers, they could at least color them red and green. I wasn’t able to win a couple weeks back. Adding red or green towers for super hard ones would be a good idea for master events as a better way to better define the difficulty.

Maybe color by levels. 1-10, white, 6-15, blue, 11-20, yellow, 16 to 25, red, and 21- 30 green.

Nah i wen’t with sheild destroyers and nullifyers for his feroucity bit used them all wrong and made a mess of it big time

I had no doubt that players would be against this logic but also understood that the small level need what the big incubator offers the big players will continue to rise in view of what the big incubator but there is a difference of price between the victory of a blue and yellow incubator … and it is this difference that will help a lot more those who arrive has recovered all that time all the time compared to a person who is stuck in blue because the yellow is not not feasible