Two newer bugs . One you get the message saying you can’t find opponent. Counter goes to zero and game hangs. By the time you re login you are 2-0 down in a fight. Second bug at random times during a fight you lose the ability to choose moves. AI takes in your team and loses with them (by the time you re log in you’re toast) . Please sort.


It’s most likely connection issues.

Pretty sure most of the combat bugs are due to this.


I thought that however they don’t seem to affect the game when for example using the drone. If it is only happening in combat then that actually doesn’t make it any better. I can see the need to deal with players who disconnect when they are losing however the AI that takes over your team is incredibly poor. My favourite is the dino whose first move after taking no damage is regenerate and cleanse. Or perhaps the AI choosing the weakest attack from a choice of two the other of which would have killed the opponent.


I think you can lose connection during a hunt and can still carry on. You’ll get the purple loading circle when the hunt is over though as it attempts to reestablish the connection.

Battles are worse because it’s real time with anothe player. Any connection issues there instantly mess the Battle up.