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Combates absurdos/Absurd fighting

Hola buenas.
Llevo poco tiempo jugando a JWA, pero me empiezo a aburrir de los combates, pues solo hay dos maneras.
1- Contra jugadores netamente superiores a mi, poseen dinos que yo ni imagino tener aún.
2- Tras 3,4 combates de los anteriores, el siguiente suele ser un bot del sistema muy inferior a mi, y jugando absurdamente.

New player effect of Ludia’s greed. The longer boosts remain in the game the faster new players will leave. Take unfair battles away and you’re left with locked spawning systems that don’t rotate.

No se que decirte. Este juego esta en ruinas desde que se implementaron los “aumentos/boosts.”

Translated original post:

I’ve been playing JWA for a short time, but I’m starting to get bored of fighting, because there are only two ways.
1- Against players clearly superior to me, they have tell us that I do not even imagine having.
2- After 3.4 fights of the previous ones, the next one is usually a bot of the system much lower than me, and playing absurdly.

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Unfortunately, this is the way our current matchmaking works. It’s broken, we’ve complained to the developers and gotten little to no results.
It changed when people complained about arena droppers, and the developers changed the algorithm used for matchmaking to more closely match team strength. Somehow it made things worse… This is our “new” normal.

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Thanks for the translation, @DragonHunter!

@Pukinuky Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English. In the future, please remember to include an English translation. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answers.
I think that is the way to control the development of the players. Now I’m at the limit to evolve from battle arena, and I’m just not allowed. The rivals I find are spectacular. If I lose multiple times, they put a bot to earn points. It seems that the game says “Now that’s your place, you’ll still be there”

Comrades I leave the game. I cannot continue with the absolute manipulation that there is in the combats, it is unacceptable that they deceive you like that. A pleasure to play with you, luck!

“I quit” post