Come 1 come all get your free 12 shots at a lame dino!


So DinoLord here! Is everyone enjoying their dino days of rock and roll with these awesome Dino’s lol seriously. I didn’t even do them yesterday and today only thing decent is the DNA for hybrid down the road. If your smart you’ll save save and then save some more but if you haven’t already im passing 20k DNA on yesterdays dino and about the same for today’s they are way to common to have in the days of Dino’s !!

And please don’t say ooh DinoLord I thought you were leaving pfftt

DinoLord over and out!!


Well I for one am quite happy with today’s dino. Parasaurolophus doesn’t spawn at all in my city and I want her both for my collection and for the hybrids, so I’m gonna make the most of my attempts :muscle:t3:


It’s a local spawn, which means it spawns a lot on certain areas but not at all in others. Lucky you! When I was low level I dreamed about having her, since she is very good for a common and my opponents destroyed me with her back in arena 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Great trick for blocked comments but only thing is the thread will have double posting when yours might be released by admins



No idea why they blocked this :confused:


She’s great at level 29 I know that because bots destroy me with her lol



Actually, Parasaurolophus are super strong.

Especially when you encountering a bot with lv30 Parasaurolophus, knock out all your half leveled dinos with high speed. atk and health. So much disgusting.

Parasaurolophus is a local spawn dino, that means she should be 1/4 chance as a very common dino around you. Other 3/4 might never seem her despite in this event.


I got blocked again


All Dino’s are common in different areas I thought??


I personally would never use her in battle but some people do?? There’s so many other Dino’s that are better. Like I said the hybrid are the only thing good from her



So you have her in your team?? If she’s so strong why don’t I see her majority of the time? She’s only good for hybrids period .


Her at level 30 is imaginary for most players it would be impossible for most to have her at that high!! Any dino at level 30 is crazy strong duh lol



I wasn’t able to get out and do the last two events, but I don’t mind seeing commons as a part of the weekly event specials. If I had the time and coin, I’d level my Euoplocephalus up to Lv. 18 or 20 (it’s currently Lv 14). It has the best armor of any dinosaur in the game, and while maybe it’s not quite as good as a sufficiently leveled Nodosaurus or Ankylosaurus in terms of attack power, it’s saved me from defeat more than I’d like to admit.

As a side-note, while I understand that it might seem pointless to have commons as event dinosaurs, some of us haven’t played all that long and could really use common DNA. Not everyone’s so fortunate as to have 20k DNA just lying around, lol. :slight_smile:


I have 5k laying around on rares it’s annoying

They need to cycle the Dino’s or something it just seems every event there’s a common I see them everywhere’s but everyone else says they don’t doesnt make sense to me



Another thing is why don’t we see Dino’s at level 30 hybrids because Ludia knows we will not have a dino at that level most of us anyways. If it was so easy and cheap to level Dino’s up that high everyone would be doing it. That’s why I’ve only seen a bot with her above level 24


That’s just kidding, and want to show some discontent of over leveled bots.

But at least Parasaurolophus is better than other Hadrosauriforme dinos, despite Ouranosaurus.
(Or just because other Hadrosauriformes are too weak)


She is not good for high arenas, I give you that, but she is not a bad dinosaur ever. She is one of the best common dinosaurs of the game, only after Velociraptor and maybe Tanycolagreus, so yeah, she is good. Not the best in game but certainly good.


Don’t get me wrong I love every dino as a collection but her DNA can only go so far right…



Para is a hybrid ingredient. She might be useless now but that hybrid looks sweet.


I just got my VIP account so I hope they start putting some good Dinos on the events because jeezes…
I want my four raptors.