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Come join a 10/10 alliance with minimal PvP pressure!

We have one opening for a committed daily player that believes in being part of a true team to achieve high level rewards with the understanding that real life always comes first. Tier 8-9 in the championships comes with the dedication of our gang.

As one of the original alliances we strive to keep a group of friendly and respectful members that work together to help complete missions, raids and generously donate to help build each other’s teams.

Being part of a fabulous co-op (BOB) ensures there is never a shortage of sanctuary dinos to interact with as there are 3 level 20’s 12+ days of 14.

Send me a DM by clicking my name @Kodiakhunter1 instead of responding here and please don’t request to join without messaging! Thanks ahead of time!


Lake Dinos on the Ark


Best alliance out there. Fun, close-knit group who are driven and goal oriented while also being relaxed.
Sanctuaries :heavy_check_mark:
Tourneys :heavy_check_mark:
Alliance missions :heavy_check_mark:
Warm, welcoming environment :heavy_check_mark:
Everyone genuinely cares about one another, in-game and beyond.


Filled one spot and found out another player that we’ve had since the beginning is leaving the game. Please dm for more details! Thanks!!

We are full! Thanks for the replies!

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We had another spot open this past week! Please dm for more details! Thank you!


Full again! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m always open to options with the main goal being to keep things fair for everyone. If we sound like a good fit there is a chance I can make room.
Send a dm if interested! Thanks!

We have another opening that is available now :slightly_smiling_face: Come join an amazing group of like minded players! Please dm instead of responding here.

Still have one spot open! Hoping to find a daily player that enjoys battling, tournaments and raids. Three level 20 sanctuaries, 10/10 almost every week and a great team that works together in all aspects. Send a dm! Thanks ahead of time!

ill send a request today (1st Jan 2021)

Please dm prior to requesting to join in game. Thanks!

We still have one opening! Come join an amazing gang with very active players that enjoy working as a team!

May I join? I’m very active in everything but problem I don’t have discord!!

We are currently full again :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks again for all the replies!

We have one spot that just opened! Please send a message for more details! Thank you!


We still have one opening for a dedicated player. Come join a fantastic group of team players!

One spot filled and sadly a long term and great member decided to leave the game. Please send a dm! Thanks!

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can I join your alliance

We have one opening as of today! We have an amazing group of players and I couldn’t be happier as a leader. Send a dm to myself, @Nes or @Bryan_Lucas for details! Thanks ahead of time!


We still have one opening! DM for details!!

8/9 in tourneys (top 150)
10/10 every week
Family friendly Discord
Organized raid coordination
3 level 20 sanctuaries

Don’t miss the boat! Thanks ahead of time!

Laker Dinos on the Ark

(Please don’t respond here, dm instead)


Hi there, Laker Dinos on the Ark, the alliance that puts having fun while playing the game before very strict rules and setting unrealistic goals. Our members will make you feel welcome instantly! Our discord helps you settle right in and once you see that we get 10/10 on missions, score quite high in tourneys and have not 1 not 2 but 3 level 20 sancs available to us, you will quickly come to the same conclusion as I have for many years now, LDOTA is great and you can be a part of all that goodness. Send a DM to Kodiakhunter, Bryan Lucas or myself and hopefully we can add you to our ever growing community!