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Come join a 10/9 great gang!

Many of us have been playing since launch and I am beyond happy with the gang we have. I don’t push for pvp, but somehow we managed to hit 10 in defense this past week :grinning:. It may not ever happen again, but it shows the dedication of our members. These guys rock!
We have a running level 20 sanctuary 6/7 week days which suits many players well and coincides with average weekly amounts of fip’s received in game.
We really don’t have any rules besides respecting sanctuary guidelines and taking 10 down on the weekends.
Please DM me here by clicking my name and please do not respond here as to avoid them darn snipers :upside_down_face:
Please do not request to join without messaging!

Thanks all! Good luck and take care!

Lake Dinos on the Ark

If I don’t respond right away please message @Nes or @Bryan_Lucas who will answer any questions and get you in.


Peeps!!! It’s that time again


Why is recruiting like herding cats?



If your looking for a great Alliance… what are you waiting for???

Come join us and let’s do something special together

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Please DM @Kodiakhunter1 @Nes or @Bryan_Lucas


It seems another player left the game :frowning:

We have one spot open.

Please direct message by clicking my name instead of replying here. Thanks ahead of time!


If you are ready for a change and want to join a no pressure, family like and high achieving group send me a dm! We filled one spot and another opened. Thanks ahead of time!

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