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Come join the fun!

TWreckz keeps it simple. Want to be part of a drama free top tier team? This season ranked 30 in alliance championship? Skilled tourney players who share tips and live stream, 4 level 20 sancs, 10-10 weeklies and members who enjoy the game, raiding and love to laugh!?

What you need to bring; Active daily team player, complete daily missions incl dbi, raid, at least 10td in tourney. We are looking for strong tourney players to help move on. No drama essential! Dm for more info (please note an enjoyment for 80ā€™s music will be looked on more favourably by leadership!)

Come join the family!


Iā€™m already in a clan sadly but I like your meme

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We still have one place available. Happy to wait for right player. Send a message if interested.