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Come join TheFinestFuries!

TheFinestFuries is recruiting! Taking down daily 10 stars in a fun friendly and uplifting environment!

*Prefer team power of 6k+
*Must be active daily
*Must have a love of dragons and a team player attitude!

If interested, send me a message with a screenshot of your roster and tell me about your alpha damage.


Bump this up, fun friendly clan.

You could merge with our clan if you don’t have players.

Lol @BolshoyN we’ve only got one open spot and have been taking down 10s daily, so we’re not looking to disband or merge, but thanks anyway :wink:

Still have one more spot available!

We have one spot!! Come on down.

We have a couple spots

We have three spots open!

TheFinestFuries is opening up recruiting to potential team mates with 5-6k (or higher!) rosters! Now’s your chance to move up and help take down daily 10 star alphas! We’re doing that right now with about 20 active players daily, but would like to add and train a few more motivated daily members to our roster.

We’re a great group, friendly, helpful, and no drama!

Only real requirement is that you must be an active player!

Message me if interested!

Yes, the list of clans recruiting is loooong right now, so why should you join TheFinestFuries?

*ABSOLUTELY no drama here! We’re just a friendly group that loves dragons and loves cheering each other on.
*We’ve got lots of people with great rosters that have been playing since day 1, so there’s tons of opportunity for advice and growth
*We’re taking down infinite 10 star alphas!!! Even with only about 20 active players, we’re downing every 10 that comes our way in 6-8 bolts, so the rewards are great!

Come check us out!

We prefer rosters over 6k, but are willing to train motivated daily players that want to move up!

Message me if interested!

Got a open spot! Come join us we are awesome!

I may not have 6k+ power yet… but I am an active person. Fyi, I sent you a join request. Under the name of ShadowUltralord