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Come on ludia do I have to do everything myself

Alright so now that dust has settled from the update cause like not much changed lets talk about one of the worst hybrids introduced since monolorhino…Grylenken.

Boy was this thing a let down especially that one of its parents is very hard to get as grypo is region locked, and kelenken is not that hard but the fact you can only see it between 2 hours a day is very well not hard but just inconvenient. Anyway lets take a look at this poor excuse for a legendary.

Grylenken: legendary hybrid
3,000 hp
1,100 attack
126 speed
10% armor
immune to deceleration and immune to swap prevention


  • Distraction
  • Ranking Claws
  • Immobilize
  • Evasive Stance
    Simple rending Counters

(Inhales deeply)…(exhale) okay ludia, i have one question…WHATWEREYOU THINKING?!. Like this kit is all over the place! Distraction?! Evasive Stance? And one of the worse counters in the game so far! Come on man there is almost nothing from grypo in this creature. So lets try this again shall we.

First I’ll show the parents so when you see my version you can understand where I’m coming from

Also this for those who are confused by the “new move”

Okay so here is the new and improved version of Grylenken.

Grylenken: legendary hybrid
3,500 health
1,250 attack
126 speed
20% armor
Immune to Deceleration


  • Defense Shattering Strike
  • Ferocious Strike
  • Raking claws
  • Long Dodge - (Priority. Cleanse self. Gain 100% chance to dodge for 2 turns.) cool down 3. no delay
    Swap-in Dodge

Now lets see what this new version has in store this thing is primarily a dodging, anti-dodge, ferocious shattering speedster. It can hit for a big rampage with the Ferocious+ ranking combo doing 5,625 damage in total. Facing a tank or speedster with shields or armor no problem with Defense shattering strike will help you at least do some damage and with Long Dodge you can make sure those pesky negative effects don’t stick for long and that your the one with the advantage.

Let me know guys what you think of this rework. Do you like, if not say how would you do it or if you just want to show your own version leave it down below.

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  • No
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I think they made it bleh on purpose. I expect they’ve planned its unique to be obviously superior whenever it comes.

This thing right now is like a janky purrolyth lol and that’s a rare


It a even worse one to be honest that counter help with nothing low it can go through armor nor shield that’s just useless especially that it does only 25% of there Hp.

Honestly tho purrolyth>>>Grylenken




Armor:- 0%
Critical:- 5%
Evasive Strike
Long Dodge
Nullifying Rampage
Distracting Impact

Immune to Swap Prevention
Immune to Deceleration

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Ehhh idk distraction again comes like out of now where and same with nullifying but I think it’s good

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Laughs in indom gen 2, mamamoterium, entelmoth, proRAT, and Phorusaura,

I dont understand why its so weak and squishy. I was excited for this one, but its terrible. There are rares and epics (NON HYBRIDS) that are better than this thing

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The vast majority of players in this game, all those who evolved the Grypolith and had not reached level 30 will never be able to evolve this new legendary, neither a future unique. I have been playing since June 2018 and have not been able to get enough epic crocodile to take Gripolith past 28 despite working in zone 4. Instead, I have all the unique old ones at 30 and leftover from their components. Ludia knows very well what she was doing creating this dino.

This new hybrid is created solely so that those who spend a lot of money on the game and already had Gripolith at 30 now have a new toy. Also for those who decided not to create the Gripolith (for them I would be happy).

So, as far as I’m concerned, the worse this new hybrid and its future unique, better. For me, it just doesn’t exist from birth, implying that my 80,000 kelenken goes straight to the trash. One less hope.

That said, a fast dinosaur that is capable of using the curved claws as a first strike against any non-immune dino doesn’t seem so bad to me.

Gryleken rework

Hp: 3900
Dmg: 1400
Spd: 126
Def: 20%
Crit: 20%

Long dodge
Nullifying rampage

Immune to decel

It’s an epic at best…

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Honestly if this thing have stats this bad it deserves cautious strike (No Ig2 doesn’t deserve it, now with that 3900 HP and 1400 DMG)

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Remember that they don’t know their own game. Maybe they forgot that crockatoo is made from Gryposuchus, not Grypolyth :rofl:

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Cool rework. I’ve been waiting for Long Dodge forever, and it fits well on Grylenken.