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Come on Ludia. Why isn’t your support better?

I contacted your support team on the lag issue, they gave me a list of things that I already knew didn’t work, so I said, those don’t work, and then they said, “We thank you for your follow-up report and rest assured the team is continuing to mitigate connection-related problems in the game as much as possible.” Even though it’s NOT the internet, this only came up AFTER the 2.6 update, plus, there were no loading circles, the game just freezes up when I do certain things…


Honestly, I’m considering dropping the game, as it’s almost unplayable now. My battery drains from playing in about an hour and a half, when before, it was 4-5 hours… Restarting the app after every battle is just annoying. It’s hard to dart things with the lag. I know how I was saying to be positive earlier, but this is a MAJOR thing that should’ve been fixed THIS UPDATE.


Fun fact: they don’t care as long as they don’t lose money

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Oh I thought re-starting after just about every raid was just me :flushed:

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