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Come on Ludia, you can do better

I figured you guys would at least be able to distribute raid bosses/event drops after the newest update. Apparently I was wrong. I sat by last week when I only had event drops during the 3 rare days and only had Mortem as a raid boss accessible. Why is it so hard to distribute these a little more?

You recently had an update where you moved supply drops, I lost 5. There should never be an update where you take supply drops away, you should be adding them. After a drive this morning, there were 4 green event drops in a row and no others around in a particular neighborhood. I understand there are people who may have no supply drops or raid bosses near them other than me.

Ludia, you need to wake up. Stop with the rng of whether or not we will have bosses or event stops nearby. All I want to do is to able to play untethered and you make that hard.

Saw this on the way to my sons band practice. Really? 2 right next to each other?