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Come on now Susan Sheridan

Is Susan VIP or something ? I got a VIP like that wont be available till Monday

I believe so. I tried to match with Brett and it led me to purchase VIP :disappointed:

I just matched with her this morning. She became available once the ‘hot’ counter had run down.

I’ll just say one word… SIXPACK! :drooling_face:


shes becoming available . i just matched her today. shes sexy

I just matched with her. She’s really cool. She was VIP like Felicia was and now she’s available for the general player population

I’ve had Brett come through twice today but no Susan


I matched with Brett but after a few conversations he went offline for a while :sob:

That seems to be the case for every character

I was enjoying Susan’s storyline until the unexpected and slightly disappointing twist they put on it. There’s been some ridiculous storylines but I don’t know how to feel about this one

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I thought it was funny how they worked that out. I think it’s going to make the story more interesting now. But I do like a bit of sci fi so that totally my jam.

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That cliffhanger was :sob:

This plot is really giving me goosebumps :astonished:

I still have no idea what’s going on :laughing:

Anyone know what kind of responses to give to make the bar go up and get an emoji react? I seem to never give the right ones :disappointed_relieved:

Are you referring to the relationship status bar? That only increases when you give and recieve emojis (which are only on certain set comments) or when you pay gems for premium options.

It’s totally predetermined so there is nothing you can do to make those options appear sooner.