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Come on, Rarity Rumble

I’ve more or less come to terms with how this game “fixes” the difficulty of PvE events – sometimes you’re gonna see a level 348 Alanqua, and you’ve just gotta deal with it. But for the “Rare” rarity rumble and now the “Super Rare” rarity rumble, they’re throwing hybrids at me, and it’s a bit unfair. (For the record, my top dinos/ferocity-setters are 4 Monostegos and 3 I-Rexes). Right now I get to pick 2 super-rares to go up against a level 30 Giganocephalus (2158/450) and a level 30 Stegoceratops (2150/550). That means I 100% have to use hybrids, and pretty powerful ones, because a level 40 Velociraptor, to provide some context, is 800/306. And there’s a pretty tough tournament going on that I need those hybrids and S-Hybrids for. This is going to be a PvE event I won’t complete, and that’s frustrating.

That’s typical for these rarity events, and why you’ll want to eventually work on filling out a bench of rare and SR hybrids of different classes. But it’s only one event at most each week, so in the scheme of things, not particularly important.

Yeah, it just feels like a missed opportunity to encourage people to round out a good bench of “conventional” commons/rares/super-rares. Their current purposes are pretty much coin generation (which becomes pretty superfluous after a while), and being hybrid pieces. It would be cool if this game pushed things more in a direction where every dino could matter.

Some times hybrids are not allowed in which case you regular creatures will come in handy.

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