Come take down 10 star alphas with TheFinestFuries!

TheFinestFuries is recruiting! Looking for a teammate who wants to down 10 star alphas in a fun, friendly, family environment. We’re a laid back one clan deal, but still taking down the big boys.

*Must use all 6 daily bolts and be ready to use extras when needed
*Must join our discord

We’ve got a clan average of about 30k\hit on alphas and are taking down a 10 star just about every other day.

If interested, please send me a message with a screenshot of your roster and tell me about your alpha damage.

We still need one more clan mate! Come check us out!

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Currently full! Will post again if space opens up later :blush:

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We’ve currently got one open spot! Come join a great group and open up top level chests with us!

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Hi MamaFury,

I started to play again. Is there a free place for me? :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely! We got real deal in already, so come put in your request and we’ll be happy to have you back!

Hi Mama_Fury! I’m looking to join a clan! I sent in my request maybe a few hours ago. I would love to join :upside_down_face: