Comeback of friendly battle in daily mission

Just why?
You made a poll where we decided to share our feeling about missions (some were way too hard, etc…) and as such you removed friendly battle from the equation.

But now what? They are back? And I want to know the reason…
This is a boring task because not only it requires to have someone up at the time you are playing and available for a friendly but it’s also really bugged (I’ve always need to invite multiple times to get the match to start).

While I get why we have sanctuary actions in daily now (and it’s fine because it’s not really time consuming and you get rewarded for doing it, plus it’s a way to encourage us to use it ) I can’t understand why the friendly has to be back.


Just a note but if you try to start a friendly and it fails, it usually still counts towards the daily. (Shhhhh)


Before I could do the friendly challenge it disappeared and bugged missions so it can’t be collected. Eventually able to do friendly didn’t fix it.

Yet another reason to remove buggy element

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It does, but it’s caused problems today with collecting the daily reward, even more reason to remove them again.

Are we sure the two are related? I have already collected my friendly reward portion so I can’t test it.

Well everyone that has so far said their mission disappeared said it was Friendly mission.

daily mission is the first thing I stopped caring about.
If I get it I get if, if not… meh.

That’s why they probably should make it like the sanctuary when your Dino automatically come back.
Just make it automatically at the end of the day : you get all the rewards for each daily you did and the 100 epic DNA if you complete all, instead of having to go to the daily screen or worse just forgetting to claim and ending losing the rewards…

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The problem was caused by them removing it.

Yeah Lydia has to MAIL US THE DNA now because it is glitched so badly. And don’t even think of clicking the completed reward :skull_and_crossbones: