Comical Herbivores


Okay so, a lot of people bemoaned the fact that the raptors were overpowered and that people were jus using teams of them, so that got handled with the update, now it seems that Ludias idea of how to address this issue was to make most if not all herbivores absolute tanks…i mean alls im seeing lately is Stegodeus, Stegoceratops, Monoceratops (i think thats what its called) Gigaspikasaurus, Trigodeus and so on, and the moves and buffs some of these posess are frankly ridiculous, i mean double invincibilty with a counter attack? Or a range of stunning strikes which are supposed to have a chance of working yet the last 15 games iv played every stunning strike has stunned…makes me not want to play this game anymore (cue all the haters having a go at my tactics now)…im just saying that theyv removed 1 OP dino with a whole host of others.

Criticise away…

Balance the game, return the old stats of stegosaurus

The stegosaurus is now completely overpowered because the adding of the reduce speed effect of it’s first move. It is OP to defeat the Epic creature qhile it’s only a common creature. It makes all player abuse this creature allover the game.


I 100% agree with you. Some of these herbivores should get nerfed.
It would make the game more balanced and they should give Pyro her armor piercing back.
Pyro is an epic raptor so it has to be a bit better than the other raptors imo.


Stegosaurus is over powered? Anything with armour piercing can take it down. All it can do is slow you down. It doesn’t have any stunning or stat dropping moves. Its not like it can get crafty. Also Just because you send out any epic should mean every common should get crushed. If something is a counter. It’s a counter. Learn to use your card at the proper times.


But she is can also cleanse with basic, what makes her immune to smaller damage, lockdown, and if stegosaurus attack second, also DoT