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Coming this week

So i found this weeks events

How would you rate it

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Jeez ludia is just handing out free legendaries at this point. Anyway, looks ok, think its ironic how the slayer of raptors is the master inc
But commons raptor for the dh achievement
rares, idk
epics maybe a bit of all of em
legendaries, allo


Yea its not the best.

The only good thing is either Blue or the legendaries

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When will they release strikes for the continental exclusives?

I don’t think ever. I think they are trying to push the idea of “working together with your alliance teammates” because of the epic donations and the continental exclusives.

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this reminds me, will ludia update the continent incs with the new continentals? since they have like a north american one, a south america, europe, etc…


Yes, raptors are easy to dart. So 8 direct hits, here I come!

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Commons: velo for the achievement
Rares: utah for utarinex
Epics: mostly pyro
Legendarys: allo


Doing the same thing

I might go for Deino for the Commons. Rares will be Charlie and Delta - Gamma still needs a Hybrid. Epics will be Dakota. Legendary will be Alloraptor. That’s easy for me, lol.

I will go for velociraptor all for commons, delta, echo and utahraptor for rares, blue and pyroraptor for epics, alloraptor for legendary just because its easier to dart than indoraptor gen 2