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Comment Down Your Custom Dinosaur Boss Here!

On This Thread, You Can Comment Or Send Your Art Of Your Custom Dinosaur Boss That You Want Ludia To Add To Jurassic World The Game!

And Why Custom Dinosaur Boss? Well Because There’s Too Much Custom Hybrid Dinosaurs So I Want To Change It A Little Bit.

Titan 45
(Brachiosaurus boss)

Goliath 60
(apatosaurus boss)

Shredder 53
(therizinosaurus boss).

Morag 42
(plesiosaurus boss)

Bunyip 36
(Diprotodon boss)

Raider 24
(raptor boss)

Primus 90
(dimetrodon boss)

Emperor 13
(spinosaurus boss)


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Extraordinary! A Dilophosaurus Boss! Perhaps It Can Spit Molten Lava Too?

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how do you manage your system to open and close images?

I Don’t Know How.