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Comment hybrid ideas for mw to draw and make moves for

Andrewsarchus and Sarcorixis

Comment hybrid ideas for me to draw and make moves for
(Comment with names of two dinosaurs and I will make a hybrid of them with stats and moves)

Dracoceratops and Velociraptor

Those two are to similar I can’t find enough difference for a hybrid

ok how about Alanqa and T rex

Are you trying to be annoying or are you serious

Because those dinosaurs are pretty much impossible to make a hybrid from

ok ok ok im sorry

Allosaurus gen1 and anky tell me if thats do able because i thinking of this from the top of my head

I could try that in the mean time try to think of another good one

Yeah I don’t like that hybrid it will just look like a weaker version of trykosaurus

U think you can do a erliko and a carbo?

Hybrid ideas wanted comment with two dinosaur names for me to make hybrid of with stats and moves

I mean its not impossible, it can be like the gemimnititans hybrid parent, forgot the name but its like koolasuchus gen 2 and something else, it could be like that thing

Einiosaurus + Giraffatitan

Make this andrewsarchus and sarcorixis

Comment with two dinosaur names and I will make a hybrid with them and make them moves and stats.(just comment with two Dino names)

Tuojiangosaurus and Nundasuchus