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Ho vinto il torneo di dicembre ed ormai sono fisso tra le primi cinque in ogni torneo,ma voglio segnalare dopo due anni che questo gioco necessità assolutamente di novità,di cambiamenti radicali,di nuove idee…sia per il pve che il pvp… occorrono nuove invenzioni nuovi progetti altrimenti chi come me gioca da due anni non trova più stimoli soprattutto dopo aver visto e vinto i tornei

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Translated From Italian

“I won the December tournament and now I’m fixed in the top five in every tournament, but I want to point out after two years that this game absolutely needs novelty, radical changes, new ideas … both for pve and pvp … new ones are needed inventions new projects otherwise people like me who have been playing for two years no longer find stimuli especially after seeing and winning tournaments”

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I think this game is coasting on what it can get now. Look at this forum. It’s been shunted to “Other games”. The link from the app doesn’t even take us there anymore. I was surprised we got the last update that we did but I seriously doubt there will be any new innovation to this game.