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Commercialize Super-Hybrids

I have a question, can’t super-hybrids be sold in the commercial port of Chanya Diogo? Why?

I am sure she would be happy to take one off your hands if you have one in your inventory, I just wouldn’t count on her returning the favor.


I already have them and at the moment I need other resources, do you tell me then that it is not possible to trade with them?

He’s saying you can if you want to waste one that way. But the resources you get will never come close to the value of a super hybrid in the game.

If you are referring to just the s-DNA to make them, no that is not tradeable.

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Make sure your hatchery is full, then create one but don’t hatch it. After that it will be in your inventory and you will potentially get offers for it in the TH. Granted as @Mary_Jo has stated, most likely these will be garbage offers but offers none the less.


I have a lot of S-DNA, I already have 2 of each super-hybrid and I need dino dollars, so I thought it would be a good option. I will see the offers that I receive, in a week that I have had the 4 super hybrids in my inventory, I have not received an offer and I could not do it in a personalized way

You can NEVER have enough super hybrids, unless the paddocks are completely maxed out. Then I would think about selling them in the trade harbour.


If I have a lot of super-hybrids, I won’t occupy my other dinos, and I like to try to occupy them all. Vary in my battles. So I don’t see the need to have that many. I also have a very good team and I always do well! For now I need dino dollars to accelerate the incubation of dinos vip and thus get the hybrids that I lack more quickly. Anyway, everyone has their priorities, right? :slight_smile:

Used Google Translate.

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You are right.
Did you ever hear of the apato fossil method in the trade harbour? This will give you more than enough DB.


How do it?

Video here:


Thank you very much for the information. It is not clear to me how I can get stock of “apatosaurus fossil”

Place them down, as many as you can then store them which will put them in your market.


I have no place to put more “Apatosaurus fossil” and yet I do not accumulate in the market

You’ll need to clear some empty space (and keep it empty).

Build say 4 fossils.
Store them in your market.
Trade all 4
Build 4 more

Note: you can’t build fossils if you have any stored in your market.

Aaaaah yes yes, perfect! I had overlooked that possibility! Thank you!