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Common and Rare dinos


Just curious after you’ve made a hybrid do you keep hatching and placing common and rare dinos you get from card pack, spins, and so on? Or do you just hatch and sell for dna or trade them at the harbor?

At the moment I keep going with commons as I’m still getting the “have X dinos at level 40” type missions and I have plenty of room on my island.
But later when space becomes limited and these guys aren’t useful for battles (events anyway I suppose you could still do novice level PvP). Is there a reason to keep them?


I continue to hatch them as fillers. Once the paddock is full of level 1 creatures I will sell them off as I hatch more. Every once and a while I will fuse a bunch of them like when we just had the fuse discount last week I fused a whole bunch of creatures in the first two slots that I tried to keep to fuses that take less than 2 hours and put fuses that took 4-8 hours in the last two slots. They become just higher and higher coin generators. I then start the process over of hatching more lvl 1 creatures until the paddock is full. Once the paddock is fully hatched meaning I can not fuse anymore based on capacity they become dna farms from hatching.

For instance my Triceratops Paddock can not bring in more creatures and I can not fuse anymore, so when ever I win one in a pack it gets hatched and sold for DNA.


I just have every dino at level 40, and so I don’t see the need to keep adding more and more dinos especially if you already have one.

My paddock is large enough to do any daily/weekly battles, as well as any tournament over the weekend. My only weakness is that I’m still building up my aquatic and cenozoic parks because of the abysmal hatch times of all the dinos in those parks. Thus I’m a little scared if the next tournament is super rare aquatics only.