Common axes and death ward

Ranger axe attack (common axes with fury) goes on so long that cleric with bone reviving after death ward is killed twice. Once originally and again as he revives. But then he disappears and the game never finishes.
I have lost several certain wins like this (two today).
Really annoying bug.
Please fix it @ludia

NGL but the 6 axe attack bugging out a Hal that has Deathward is a Balance for how strong Hal’s bone is. I hope they leave it in as “feature”. For one hero to have a counter to Hal going Rambo with 3 turns of deathward every turn and 1v4ing a whole squad to death seems fair. PvP is stale enough as it is.

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Then you must play ranger with common axes. Why bother with different gear for the ranger? The answer would be to max Hals res ability at twice in a row per toon.

I think you misunderstood, when the ranger makes Hal bug, the ranger player loses because he can’t target Hal anymore.

The work around is to restart your app a.s.a.p. The Hal is there he is just invisible. Had a Hal opponent with the boots on that melee attack when move once when this happened and the next turn even though Hal was invisible on the screen I got hit when his turn timer counted down and auto moved up to me. So Close and restart app and Hal is there again and Saarvin kills him cause his Deathward is wiped.

Yes. Common axe attack takes so long that it’s still going when Hal ressurects. It kills him again as he gets up and this bugs whole game.

I tried that. But it just does nothing for ages. When I eventually (after half hour) leave app and come back I always lose. Despite having a nailed on win

Ever since i noticed him invisible I race to restart app before them and it fixes it and me as Saarvin gets the win

I use the Common Ax’s… never had this happen. Weird.

Ranger epic.
Death ward thing.
@ludia - are you going to fix these now? Or will it be a long time.
If they are not fixed it a day or two - or we have had some communication about it at least, I’m stopping playing and paying.
It’s not playable.

Ranger epic bow looks fixed.

Thanks this worked saved me the loss

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@Roland by the way this issue is still extant since update.

The original issue has been unequivocally corrected, maybe you weren’t there the night everyone was first round killing all 4 enemy heroes in a single volley. Saarvin is still powerful and maybe there’s another dynamic at play now, but this issue and what happened that day or 2 is totally gone.

@DungeonBorn -
Different issue. See original post

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To Add to this Cariolis giving 2 stacks of fury will also Bug out deathward. Had a battle just now against Fluffy Kittens where Cariolis gave Shev 2 fury and fortune with wand of lightning bolts equipped. Shevs first of 3 attacks to all my team she got dominated by Pikel and her next attack went to Their whole team killing Deathwarded Cariolis, she revived to get killed again immediately by Shev’s 3rd attack and it bugged out the session the same way Saarvins common axes with fury do… restarted app as fast as possible and got the Win while they never did restart and were stuck in bugged session and never attacked again.

She literally breaks the game.

A possible solution is to lengthen the time hero’s have to finish their attacks or lengthen the time in between attacks to give the deathward animation time to finish before another attack immediately happens to interrupt the deathward animation. Or shorten/speed up the deathward animation. With Cariolis handing out deathwards left and right and opposing Cariolis handing out multiple stackable fury along with more people getting Cariolis this problem will only get more prevalent over time.