Common dinosaurs


Has anyone noticed that when it’s a common dinosaur and you need it for a hybrid you never see it alot. I haven’t seen a diplocaulus dinosaur and sarcosuchus for awhile. One would assume that since they are all common dinosaur you would see them alot.


They’ve migrated. I lost all my Einiasaurus in the area too.


Once they were required for a hybrid, they were moved higher on the rarity table.

That said, save tons of DNA of the commons and rares currently not used in hybrids, because it’s pretty obvious that they’ll be used in new hybrids in the next big update.


Holy crap! Not where I am… Diplocaulus is everywhere now! It never used to be…

but yeah, sarcosuchus totally vanished as soon as it was part of a hybrid. Used to be I couldn’t walk 6 feet without 3 spawning up.


They all still remain Common according to the game. If they were changed to rare they haven’t updated the data in the game yet.


After the update, certain dinosaurs and their spawn “habitat zones” changed. For example, Utahraptor is now a global anytime spawn, but Sarcosuchus is a local habitat zone 2 (L2) spawn. I agree with several of you that because of the changes, it’s become a little more challenging to find certain commons, but not impossible.

I’d recommend checking out MetaHub’s post about spawn rates after the 1.3 update. It has charts and everything to help remind players when and where certain creatures tend to spawn.