Common dna for Cash

Some common creatures i have lots of dna for. I wish you could convert that dna into cash. It would make getting the cash you need in the game easy


Well, then the game would be way too easy. If the level for that would be 15 and above then that would be reasonable

In jurassic world the game there is a trader that will give you random and custom trades.I would rather they add something like that where every Sunday something like the trader in jwtg would spawn in the shop for example, and allow you to trade dna for coins,cash or other dna or cash for coins ect.There would also be random and limited (for the specific week) custom trades just like in the other jw game


If i could trade my tens of thousands of nundasuchus for bucks that would be great

There would probably be a limit to how much you can trade per week

not just common coz the biggest players would just CHURN cash and hence get more boosts. but i would like a trade system, similiar to JWTG

Your rewards would depend on the rarity of the creature you are trading for example you would get more cash from a continental creature than a common. Plus there would be a limit to how much you can donate from that specific resource

I would like something similar. kind of what they have in Jwtg

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