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Common donations

I am in a top 10 guild where everyone is donating but common requests almost never get completely filled. I believe this is because of how insufferable the donations process is. Please remove the limit for common donations. Is someone is allowed to donate more than 10 items at a time and receive more that 50 gold this isnt going to break the economy. Make it so you can donation 10 commons with one press instead of having to press 10 individual times waiting for the laggy guild chat to load each time. These simple fixes would make donating commons more appealing and allow people to have there requests filled


I second this idea!

@Ned @Keith would someone from ludia like to comment on this?

I brought it up to the team on Tuesday, No decision was made at that time. If I learn anything new, I will happily share it with all of you :slight_smile:

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