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Common Enemy

Potential Spoilers Ahead!

0Z0 seems a common enemy in multiple stories.
He exposed Aesha/Sam, Felicia is after him and then his story with Julia. Not sure who else has issues with him. It’s an interesting way to tie srd o many folks together

I think he was mentioned in Skylar/Jadens story

I don’t recall him being mentioned in Aesha/Samantha’s story. :confused:

I had my account reset and am replaying that story, 0Z0 is trolling Aesha and keeps flooding the stream to crash it because she’s #1 on Fiction

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I’m jealous you get to experience the OZO storyline with Julia. That’s become one of my favourite stories, but I have to go through it with Jamie.

OZO’s real name is revealed in that pretty early on isn’t it?

I didn’t realise he was the one who messed with Aesha. It’s been, like, 1000 months since she was around :rofl:.