Common Exclusive Dinosaur?

So I don’t get around much because of work so my leveling of dinosaurs is a bit behind. I’m level 10 and only have a few hybrids and not a single legendary.

That being said, I enjoy the competitive arena and recently trudged my way to Arena 6 Lockdown(2500 trophies). It was quite a battle cause most of my dinos are 11-14 and rare triceratops doesn’t spawn anywhere near home or work so no Stegoceratops yet(ugh!)

I battled through level 19 velociraptors, level 17 stegos, level 14 Stegoceratops, and all other dinos 3-5 levels higher than my guys. I was so proud when I got level 6 arena unlocked through grit and strategy!

Then I notice the exclusive dinosaur is a common stygimoloch?! Huh? Is there something I’m missing about this guy??

Anyway, you all rock on and have a wonderful weekend! I may be slower on my collection but I’m climbing!

Nope, you haven’t missed anything. I’m in pretty much the same boat (Lv 10, average dino lv 14) and after fighting tooth and nail to reach Lockdown…Stygi Gen 2. and a lot of it. It seem so out of place considering all the other dinos available in Lockdown.

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Glad to hear I’m not alone. I tried fighting my first battle in Arena 6 and went up against legendaries. Got downright destroyed haha guess I’m stuck for a while till I farm some DNA

At the moment I’m around 2600 trophies and have fought a few Legendaries. Not a pleasant experience but at least I’m no longer being kicked right down to Badlands.

I have a Stegoceratops and it holds it’s own for now but with three stunning moves and a slowing move it can be a pain to face up against. Most of the leg work is done by my Suchotator and Alanqa with Stygi Gen 1 thrown in as a middle finger to no one in particular. :rofl:

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Glad your out of that hole! I’ll keep it warm no worries lol

I joined JWA late so I missed some cool early events. I hate missing out on the Alanqa that thing is a pain to face too I wish I had one

Don’t worry we’ve all been there :roll_eyes: as you go up there is an even larger array of dinosaurs to get in your incubator most of which are complete rubbish!

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It’s really the only usable pterasaur in my opinion. The group as a whole just don’t have enough speed to be effective and not enough health to cope with being so slow. I’ve also levelled a Pteranodon but barely use it despite wanting to, swap in ferocity with a 1x counter attack is a nice combination but without the speed it can only get off one counter attack before it’s road kill.

I also really want the legendary hybrid but I don’t have even close to enough Alanqa DNA to obtain it. I’ll just have to wait for another event since I won’t be reaching arena 9 anytime soon. :joy:

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You always know exactly what to say to bring my spirits up. :scream::joy:

I think lvl 10 is when I got my 1st legendary and after that they came all at once. Keep grinding, youll see, once youre over this hump, that theres another larger hump… Youll never guess whats over that 1

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