Common my backside


Both Triceratoos gen1 and gen 2 are labelled as common and i havent seen any in 2 weeks. All i seem to see are einiosaurus, nundosuchus, and the occasional Allosaurus.
Just what constitutes as “common” in your definitions? I find more rare creatures than common.


Trike gen 1 is rare, trike gen 2s are common, and you can usually find them in residential areas at night or early in the morning.


Where I am, only a maximum of 3 spawn points are on my radar and that’s GENEROUS, usually only one, very rarely two, are actually ever in range.

Of these spawns, almost exclusively, are Tanycolagreus and Sarcosuchus. Anything outside of these two is quite a surprise where I’m at. I get 100% of my Velociraptor DNA from the free incubator, I’d KILL to see even a goddamn Euoplocephalus, and I’m at my wits end trying to find reasons to go into town that would be meaningful enough to use gas for.


triceratops is rare and a global daytime spawn.

triceratops gen 2 is common and is a night time localized spawn. its common in its area but you wont find many unless playing at night.


All common dinosaurs are common in their relative areas and specific times of the day. Which means that for instance, parasaurolophus is a common but I have literally never seen her spawn in my city. When I travel to a nearby city, however, she is everywhere. As someone stated above, triceratops gen 2 is a local and nighttime spawn, which means you will only see her in one of the four spawn areas and only at night. For more detailed info, I recommend you search Metahub Spawn Mechanics, it can help a lot :slight_smile: