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Common only tournaments

It’s been forever since we have had common only tournaments and it would bring so much variety to the tournaments. It would make for some interesting teams

@Ned can you please send this to the team?

Please let me know everyone thoughts on this. I think it would be an interesting concept.


I remember the early ones where so many people complained that only “filthy whales” had the coins to max out commons. It was funny in a, they don’t know the early days, sort of way. Before Superority Strike existed people leveled up Velociraptor well past 20 and it dominated.


Yeah. Remember those days.

I wholeheartedly endorse this.
We have not had a common only tournament for so long now, and I seriously miss them. I’m also fed up playing the other formats (Rares, Epics, Legendaries and Uniques), so playing a common only tournament would definitely be a fresh breath of air and will give commons a purpose to invest in and use in tournaments.

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And to think I was about to level up my Miragaia for Common tournaments… that was before Miragaia’s nerf! To have an idea of how long we haven’t had a Common tournament…

Yes please!!

i remember it and ive only played for like a year and a half or maybe 2 but not much in early part. raptor was awesome. I still face them sometimes, always when i have my irex too. I kinda want it to have precise, but that would be broken or it should have at least 133 speed.

Sure thing, Overkill_999! :arrow_forward: