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Common raid bosses

Here are some common raid bosses
1 Nudasuchus
2 Inostrancevia
3 Velociraptor

Ok, so I am not exactly extatic about common raid bosses. epics legendaries uniques and apex are great, carno is just like “ok ur there so why not try the raid”, but common raids I’m not so sure about since it would make the schedule even worse, unless they’re weekend raids. But then again why do we even need the common dna? it is very common, i don’t really see how it entirely helps


Well you can get common DNA to make hybrids

yes but they are quite common, you can get them almost anywhere

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Yea ok but you can get loads of common DNA when completeing the common raid boss battles

Why? Epics are already easy.

I don’t really think commons should be raid bosses, common dna is easily obtainable from scents and requests.


but its almost useless, like why would you put in raid effort to unlock common dna? common dna? I know some feed to hybrids but they are the easiest component to get, they are the largest amount dna you get from any reward, I don’t see the point

The other problems with common bosses would be the level of creatures. Lvl 5 commons only so not much choices. Next is common bosses would take up a 6th space on the raid schedule per day.

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