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Common/ rare creature all green drops, epic all gone

I’m getting quite tired of this. Posted about 3 times already and many others with me. Since Monday (rare creatures) all green drops including within my range (as they have been since start!) and now the epics spawn under them and hardly any can be found! Maiasaura last week didn’t see 1!! Fix this instead of stupid ingame chat nobody asked for or changing dart speeds for that matter


I agree they are all gone… smh… why!!!

This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time. They simply need to adjust the ratio of supply drops to event drops.

True but also I had this other thing after this. Reset was at 15:30 local time here as it is every day. So after that all green drops were gone and I got the simple blue, simple golden and scent strike towers (all within my perimeter) as soon as I started playing the scent strike (at 20:30 local time) and got back to the map… the golden strikes towers all moved outside my perimeter… it’s driving me NUTS

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My map has been crap since the 1.10 update, rarely have even commons spawn. They ask for screenshots and give a generic response but still haven’t fixed it as of the 1.12 update. I’ve sent over 30 screenshots on more than 5 occasions. It’s like they zero in on where you play the most and then remove some of your drops and move the remaining ones to the outside perimeter of your reach. Soon gps drift won’t even reach them. And they’re not going to fix the map, unfortunately

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